The Night hood of the Free-Lancers

Jousting is something which Leif Johansson and I (Peter Frosch) enjoy a great deal. I usually ride one of my new horses Millington or Muskot and Leif rides "Dicken". We have been all over Sweden and to some parts of Europe with our tournament. We began in 1986, when we rode with Ultimatule (not the swedish pop group). During 1987, some of us formed a group of our own, The Swedish Jousting Team.

We went to Paris to compete in the European Championships, and to Poland, as the first foreign team to be invited. A couple of year later the group split up, and Leif and I continued on our own. We now call us The Free-Lancers, which is a suitable name, since we only gather a team when it is required. We also ride for other teams when they need reinforcement.

In these pictures we take part in a tournament at Fort Apache in Enhörna during Midsummer -96. For more information about this you must call Fort Apache +46-8 550 447 66 or Södertälje tourist information.

Sometimes we also ride during the Medieval Days at Glimmingehus in the middle of August together with the Knighthood of Silver Falcon from Simrishamn.¨

Call us for more information about tournaments by the Free-Lancers.

Leif Johansson phone +46-8 707 98 66

Peter Frosch phone +46-8 590 381 66

Mail to Peppe E-mail to Peter. Mail till Leffe E-mail to Leif.

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